Should I Need Nursing Covers?

Should I Need Nursing Covers?

We were all born and raised through nursing where every mom takes maximum care of their child to see them grow healthy every day. This brings the most important part where every mom should do the nursing in a suitable environment where they should always have the confidence and create the most suitable environment for the baby. 

However, the modern world and the perspective of people have brought many controversies around nursing babies. There are those who find it inappropriate to nurse babies in public and there are those advocating for the legal and social rights to nurse in public. All these issues raise concerns whether to use nursing covers when nursing your baby or not. 

What is Nursing Covers?

nursing cover is just a piece of fabric that is specially made to prevent strangers to see directly when a mom is breastfeeding. It is specially made for use while breastfeeding in public so that you can have the confidence to breastfeed your baby without raising alarms or people staring at you. 

But does it really matter? does it provide the best environment for your baby or a mom should simply ignore and breastfeed her baby with maximum comfort to make sure their babies get totally satisfied? This is a concern that bothers different groups where others persist as long as it’s their baby, they can breastfeed anywhere without any fears. Others view that it is good to breastfeed your baby in discreet and only use a nursing cover any time you breastfeed in public. 


There Are Three Popular Styles Of Nursing Covers On The Market. 


This is a unique type of nursing cover that features apron style. It comes in a large and unique rectangle of fabric that covers the entire chest, has a cool strap on the back that keeps it in place just like an apron. It can be used when breastfeeding and pumping your baby thus providing maximum privacy. Most of them have a strong neckline like the underwires on a bra for holding efficiently so that you clearly see the baby and prevent suffocating the baby when pumping or breastfeeding. These types of covers are easily put on to help you manage your tasks. 

 Infinity Scarf

This is a fashionable nursing cover that comes in a design of a scarf where you can always put on as an accessory fashion and also a functional scarf. They come in long circular pieces that you can wrap around the shoulder as nursing covers or can be wrapped twice around the head as a fashion scarf. Nursing scarf come in various patterns which works with different outfits to suit your style and transition into a nursing cover whenever the need comes. 


Poncho offers 360 total coverage when breastfeeding and while doing all the nursing activities to your baby. They are the modest and decent nursing covers as they provide coverage for the entire body. While others covers can slip aside, this will never happen with Poncho nursing covers and it’s also hard for those babies who don’t like covers to pull it down. Some other covers expose your back when you pull up the shirt to breastfeed but this will never happen with Poncho nursing covers. They come with a rigid neckline to keep it in position and also breathable but you can’t put on a Poncho when the outdoor temperatures are too high. 

Why I Use Nursing Cover In Public

Mary Anne says that she never used a nursing cover when nursing her first child but it was a challenge especially when she had to nurse the baby at the job. Onlookers could look at her in puzzles but during her second child, she tried the of nursing cover when in public and everything worked perfectly.

Camille is another brilliant lady who uses a nursing cover when breastfeeding in public and she finds it amazing as it doesn’t raise eyebrows to anyone and she feels pretty well knowing her baby is safe and in a good nursing environment.

Edith says she uses the Poncho nursing cover which creates a very pretty environment for her baby when nursing and that it is ethical as she does not create any funny scenes that can make everyone look at her in amazement and cause embarrassing moments. 

Faith is another brilliant lady who testifies that since she started using a nursing cover in public, she has been feeling the confidence and she can breastfeed her baby at peace in public and also feels that it is the modest thing to do when in public. 

Abigail could not be left out too and she finds it necessary to use a nursing cover when in public as it doesn’t depict any moments that can distract people from their duties and it’s also healthy. 

It’s Ok To Breastfeed In Public 

Gabriela finds it unnecessary to keep a baby in disclosed covers while breastfeeding as the baby needs an open environment where the baby can enjoy the atmosphere without any obstacles.

Daisy claims she had the idea of using the nursing cover but the baby never liked it and pushed it away while crying loud even causing more scene. She decided to give it a break and breastfeed her baby comfortably and this made her baby calm.

Karen argues that in her region, breastfeeding and nursing are legal and she doesn’t need to hide anything and also using a nursing cover only depicts that you are not confident when taking care of your baby which should not be tha case as every mother should be proud and have confidence with her baby.

Lisa finds it simply unnecessary to hide anything when nursing your baby and you should always feel confident. 

Donna says that she finds it difficult to carry around too many items in her luggage including nursing covers when she can do it confidently at home and also in public. 

In my opinion, I advocate for the use of nursing covers whenever a good mom is breastfeeding or nursing her baby in public places. It is a modest thing to do as it can’t cause unnecessary attention from onlookers and passersby. You will also create a good environment for breastfeeding your baby where the covers prevent dust and particles from reaching directly to the baby’s mouth thus also a healthy practice. Nursing covers are affordable and come in different styles to suit every mother’s needs and this means that everyone can find an amazing nursing cover and nurse her baby comfortably in public places.

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